A Glas Guy, LLC

Water Leak Detection & Repair

Water leaks are annoying and often times can be difficult to track down. Many times when people try to fix it themselves or have someone not so familiar with water leak repairs, they end up frustrated and ready to sell the vehicle. If you have water on the inside of your vehicle, you need a hero. You need to have The Glass Guy perform a water leak detection and repair.

Since the Northwest Rain Festival runs from January 1st through December 31st, our cars get wet. Water leaks are never something you want to delay in getting fixed. You don’t want your car to get moldy or full of mildew. It smells bad and can be a health hazard. We have a lot of experience in solving water leaks so we know the common areas to look which can save you money. However, even if it’s not such a common area, we can still find it and solve it. Although leaks are very easy to find when they are glass related, there are many times when they are body related. But don’t fret. We take care of all leaks in cars, even when they have nothing to do with glass.

Call The Glass Guy today and schedule to have your water problems solved by The Glass Guy and let him be your superhero.