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Windshield Repair Aberdeen, WA

Have a STAR or CHIP in your windshield?

Come see us before it grows! We have the best repair technicians. Repairs can be done in-shop or on the road. Wet weather does effect a repair so most people prefer to come in-shop for our quick service on Windshield Repairs.

You may have seen signs that say “Free Windshield Chip Repair”. However, nobody does them for free. We will gladly bill your insurance company if you have comprehensive coverage. This will cost you absolutely nothing with most insurance companies even if you have a deductible that is higher than the cost of the repair. Most insurance companies will “Waive” the deductible to have the windshield repaired rather than have you wait until it grows and end up requiring a windshield replacement which would cost them more. Since we are a preferred provider with the insurance companies and networks, they tell us what they pay for repairs. The average retail rate for chip repairs ranges from $60-$100. However, if you don’t have comprehensive insurance, don’t fret. We give C.O.D. discounts.

Call us toll free at 1-877-GLAS-GUY (1.877.452.7489) and get your windshield repair done by the GLASS GUY “superhero” professionals.

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