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Do You Need Windshield Repair or Replacement?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know whether you need your windshield replaced or repaired. Some damage can be fixed with the help of a reliable windshield repair company. Other times, you'll need to have the entire thing replaced to pass inspection or maintain the safety of everyone who will travel inside the vehicle. Here's how you can tell whether your windshield needs to be repaired or replaced.

Small Cracks

You may be able to get a simple windshield repair service on your windshield if you have only a small crack in one spot. The crack should only be in the front of the windshield and not deep enough that it goes through to the other side. If the crack goes more than halfway through the windshield, a replacement is necessary. It will also be necessary to replace the windshield if the crack is more than six inches long, according to Allstate. You can think of the length as the length of a dollar bill and judge whether it needs replacing based on that.

Cracks on the Inside of the Windshield

Cracks that extend to the inside of the windshield generally cannot be repaired. You will need to ask a provider to do a windshield replacement rather than a fix. It will be easy for you to see if the crack is on the inside of the windshield. You'll also be able to feel the roughness of a crack that has come all the way through the glass.

Multiple Cracks

A windshield replacement is necessary if your glass has multiple cracks in it. The strength of the glass is severely compromised in that situation, and it would be best for you to invest in having the entire piece replaced. One more situation where you will need a replacement instead of a repair is if the glass is not laminated. Tempered glass is prone to shattering when it undergoes any damage. Shattered glass is dangerous for every person who gets into a vehicle. Thus, no repair company will touch tempered glass if it has taken a hit and shows signs of damage.

Now you know how to tell what you'll need to do with your window. You can search for a provider who can help you get your windshield straightened out either way. Your insurance company can help you locate a reliable windshield repair provider who can restore or replace your glass.

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