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Door Glass Repair & Replacement

Replacing a door glass can be easy or complicated depending on the design. But for the professionals at The Glass Guy, it’s what we do. Because auto glass is our business. Maybe you have a broken door glass and just need to know that it will be done right and adjusted properly. Door glass is tempered glass. Tempered glass shatters into many little pieces. They can go everywhere. Those pieces go down inside the door as well as inside your car. Our technicians vacuum the broken glass out of your door and interior because nobody likes to hear that rattle. Plus, those pieces can plug up the drain holes in your door and cause rust. Nobody wants that!

Maybe you had someone else work on it and need to have their work fixed. The Glass Guy is who you need. Don’t let an improperly adjusted door glass cost you more money by causing excessive wear on the regulator or motor. Have it fixed today.

Do you have a power window that won’t operate? If it’s your driver’s door, that can make life difficult when pulling up to a drive through. In the great northwest, we love our coffee stands. Pretty hard to use a drive through with a window not working. Not to worry. We can diagnose the problem and determine if it’s the switch or the regulator or motor. Don’t spend extra money on guesswork. Have The Glass Guy find the problem and fix it. He’ll get your door glass working in a jiffy.

Call The Glass Guy superhero and have your door glass fixed today!

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