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How Does Auto Glass Keep You Safe?

Intact, undamaged auto glass is a necessity to stay safe on the road. Windshield damage is a common occurrence and something that needs to be addressed immediately. About one-third of insurance claims are filed for windshield damage, according to Wallet Hub. An auto glass company that specializes in windshield replacement can help to keep you and your passengers safe on the road. Learn how auto glass keeps you safe.

Auto Glass Is Safety Glass

An auto glass company is not like your regular window company because auto glass is not like regular window glass. Your car's windows may look like regular windows, but auto glass is safety glass. What does that mean? If you break a regular window like a window in your home, the glass will break into large sharp pieces. Auto glass, when shattered, does not break into large shards. Instead, it breaks into smaller pieces that stay connected, reducing the risk of being pierced by a piece of glass during an accident.

Resistance to Penetration

An auto glass company can tell you that windshields are tough. Windshields are laminated glass. There is a layer of polyvinyl film between the glass layers to keep objects that are kicked up against the windshield from penetrating the glass. As any driver knows, when you hear a rock tap the glass, it is scary. Luckily, the windshield design keeps that rock from barreling through the glass and hitting the driver.

Auto Glass Is Important to the Entire Structure of the Car

Auto glass protects drivers and passengers by ensuring that the structure of the vehicle is stable. The strength of the glass keeps the roof of the car from crashing down on the driver and passengers during an accident. It also helps to keep other parts of the vehicle from buckling in against the driver and passengers during an accident.

The windshield takes on the force and the speed of the airbag when it is deployed to keep passengers and drivers safe in the vehicle. Faulty automotive glass may not stand up to the pressures on the road as it should. Auto glass replacement and repair services should always be a priority when your windshield or windows are damaged. An auto glass company can quickly make repairs and or replace faulty auto glass to ensure you and your passengers are always protected. Connect with our trusted auto glass company today to get the services you need.

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