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Top 4 Signs You Need an Auto Glass Repair

Typically, most drivers know they need an auto glass repair when they have a huge problem like a foot-long crack in their windshield. Many other signs could warrant an auto glass repair or even replacement. Here are the top four signs to look for that indicate you need an auto glass repair.

Your View Is Compromised

While driving is an everyday occurrence, it can be dangerous, especially if your view is compromised. Little problems like a small chip or crack in your windshield could easily be mistaken for another vehicle or something on the road at a quick glance. When this happens, accidents follow. Small cracks or chips may be able to

be repaired, but if a crack is longer than 6 inches, your windshield will have to be replaced according to Allstate.


For drivers who spend a lot of time on the highway, pitting is a common occurrence. Pitting is what happens when rocks and gravel on the road are hitting your windshield repeatedly leaving small pits or "pitting". These small pits compromise your view, especially when the sunlight hits your windshield. If you notice pitting on your windshield, you need to call an auto glass company right away.

White Edges

When your car is manufactured, the windshield is treated with PVB as a safety measure that keeps your windshield from shattering during an accident, injuring you and your passengers. If you see white edges on your windshield, it is a sign that the PVB is coming off. When this happens, Getting timely windshield repair services are needed to keep you and your passengers safe.


Any time you have a crack or chip obstructing your view you should have it repaired, but especially before your inspection. If you take your car for an inspection with a problem like a cracked windshield, it will not pass inspection. So not only will you then have to rush to find a windshield repair service before your inspection expires, but you'll have to pay again for another inspection after repairs are done.

Keeping your windshield in good condition is important not only for your vision but for the safety of you and your passengers. Keep an eye out for any of the signs listed above and call an auto glass service immediately when you need repairs.

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